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Move to Win (Official Music Video)

Move to Win (Official Music Video)

Creed has released his latest music video from the album "Tell Me About It". The song is called "Move to Win" and you can watch it right here on creedbratton.com.

Tales of the Unemployment Line

Unemployment Line (Official Music Video)

The highs and lows in the life of Creed Bratton and what standing in line taught him about loneliness, brought to you by the Huffington Post.

Closing Creed Thoughts

A poignant perspective from The Office's quintessential werido. Brought to you by the Huffington Post.

The Grass Roots of Creed Bratton

Rock Cellar Magazine's Ken Sharp catches up with Creed about his rock and roll days and even shares some insight on his new album.

Ghastly Earnings in 2012

"The Ghastly Love of Johnny X" was the lowest grossing movie of 2012. That's exactly why Dreadcentral.com thinks it'll "make bank" on home video and midnight screenings!

Questions & Answers at Nextmovie.com

Read and enjoy this interview at Nextmovie.com where Creed talks about "The Office," "Saving Lincoln," and what the future entails.

@CREEDBRATTON: Creed's On Twitter!

It's true, folks. Creed's "Thoughts" are now in tweet form. Visit his Twitter page and follow the most interesting man in the entertainment industry!

Saving Lincoln Interview

"Saving Lincoln," premiered February 13, and Movieweb.com had a chance to interview Creed about his role as Senator Charles Sumner.

Todd Akin's Apology

"Republican Representative Todd Akin of Missouri apologies to Funnyordie.com and to the rest of the country for his comments about rape.

This is Creed
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Creed is Born

Creed was actually born with the name, William Charles Schneider. He was raised by his mother in Coarsegold, CA, (near Yosemite Valley.) When his father died in WWII, his mother remaried and he was forced to take a new last name and become Chuck Ertmoed. Young Chuck grew up surrounded by music with grandparents who played in an old western band called "The Happy Timers."

Baby Creed

Creed Plays the Trumpet

Chuck starting playing the trumpet in grammar school and was first chair by freshman year of high school. His grandfather began teaching him about chords on his old archtop guitar, shifting his interest away from the trumpet. In fact, he would keep an old crystal radio set under his pillow and listen to old LA radio stations at night. He would even practice out in the barn until after dark, and go to weekly dances to memorize what the pro guitar players would do at the bandstand.

Creed Gets a Guitar

At age 13, Chuck (Creed) received his first guitar: a Silverstone electric guitar with the amplifier built into the case from a Sears mail order catalogue. Four years later, at age 17, he became a professional musician with a band called "The Tourquays." He attended College of the Sequoias and Sacramento State College.

Silverstone Guitar

Creed is a Nomad

After college, he felt the quiet mountain life settling in around him. He was reluctant to settle with it... it was time to do things. He sold his car and convinced a friend to hitch to New Orleans and board a cargo ship. Bound for Venice Italy, he and a 5 person crew spent 28 days at sea. With $25 to his name and no real plan, he and his friend set off to continue their adventure and started hitchhiking throughout Europe.

Creed: The Young Californian

While working in Germany, Chuck met Greg Fitzppatrick and Lee Zimmerman, who had been singing there for money. After Chuck demonstrated his own talent on the guitar, the two friends invited him to join as they hitchhiked to Africa. After some soul searching, Chuck took out all the money he had saved from working at the factory for four months. He grabbed his rucksak, a big parka, hiking boots, and his guitar, and he met them the next day. These three nomads became "The Young Californians."

Creed Hitchhikes

Together, the Young Californians played in the streets, in clubs, and in restaurants. They spent a lot of time sleeping on the road. They went from Gibraltar to Morocco, and then all the way to Egypt, Beirut, through Jordan and into Israel. They worked a brothel called the Kit Kat in Beirut, and even sang for the Shah of Kuwait. While singing and representing America at a folk festival, Chuck met Warren Entner. They exchanged information with the promise for Chuck to call when he returned to the US. Eventually, Lee went back to Los Angeles and Greg moved to Sweden. Chuck resorted to playing for his supper on the street, and stealing yogurt off doorsteps just to eat. Near the brink of starvation, the once 200 pound young musician dropped to a gaunt 145 pounds.

Creed Becomes "Creed Bratton"

After years of traveling, Chuck found himself working on a film, where he began an affair with the director’s daughter. The two of them fled to the Greek Islands, and when their whirlwind romance ended, she abandoned him in Athens and left for the USA. Determined to find success, Chuck sought a new identity. One night he met a couple from Oregon who were going to Crete to teach English. They kindly critiqued that his Chuck Ertmoed was no name for a rock star. Chuck agreed, and after a night of drinking ouzo, he woke up next to a stolen table cloth with a number of names written and crossed out... except one name was circled... Creed Bratton.

Creed Joins The Grass Roots

After returning to the US, Creed was unpacking his bag and Warren Entner’s number fell out of his rucksack. The two met up and soon became partners with a project called "The Thirteenth Floor." Their demo tapes were heard by producers and songwriters, P.F. Sloan and Steve Barri, who later joined the group after they lost their bass player to the draft.

The band was renamed to "The Grass Roots." In April of 1967, they recorded a new single “Let’s Live For Today,” and immediately began touring as their single jumped up the charts into the top 10 at number 8.
Live for Today Young Creed Recording Performing With The Grass Roots Creed co-wrote 'Beatin' Round the Bush,' 'No Exit,' and 'Hot Bright Lights.' He wrote the song 'Dinner for Eight.' He was a part of the first ten singles the band released, most of which were top hits. Life was fast in those days.

(The song, "House of Stone", even though attributed to Creed, was actually written by Greg FitzPatrick. The Thirteenth Floor had been playing the song live in their act and Dunhill Records assumed it was Creeds song without talking to him.)

Creed Goes Solo

After the Lovin’ Things album, the group veered into a formula for success that kept the group members from manifesting too much individuality. Their music had moved away from its original folk-rock sound to a more pop-soul orientation. Creed felt their artistic credibility was being threatened, so he pleaded with the group to make changes. As a result, in late 1969, he was asked to leave the group. He continued writing songs and performed as a solo act in smaller clubs. In early 1972, Creed, alongside his wife and daughter, traveled to Europe and North Africa until returning to California to start formal studies in acting.

Creed Wants to Act

Creed was tired of all the rejection with rock and roll and decided that he needed a day job... so he became an actor. When he returned to California, he began formal studies in acting. He worked with Charles Conrad on The Meisner Method for over four years. Soon, he found an agent and began appearing in major motion pictures like "Heart Like A Wheel" (1983 / photographer) and "Mask" (1985 / carnival ticket taker). He also worked behind the scenes as a prop man, boom man and grip.

Creed Works in an Office

Creed was working on "Bernie Mac" as a stand in and doing extra work when he met Ken Kwapis, who was a fan of the Grass Roots. The two became friends and Creed found out that Ken was going to direct "The Office." A fan of the original UK version, Creed knew he wanted to be a part of it, so he asked Ken if he could find him a role. At the time, all parts had been cast, but Ken offered to bring him in as background. After filming several episodes, Creed decided to take matters into his own hands. He personally wrote an interview and shot the very first Creed scene, and presented it to Greg Daniels, Kent Zbornak and Terri Weinberg. Everyone loved his 5 minute tape. The next season, on the Halloween episode, they brought Creed to life.

Creed on The Office

Creed Plays "Creed Bratton"

As the Office closes out its 9th Season, we have yet to learn many details about the character Creed. But, here are a few things we do know (or what we’ve been told):

He was originally hired by Ed Truck and now serves as the quality assurance director.

He lives in Toronto, spending three nights a week there in order to milk the welfare state, and surreptitiously sleeps under his desk the remainder of the week.

During work hours, he is usually playing spider solitaire.

He has faked his own death, at least once.

He has been involved in numerous cults, as both a follower and a leader.

As a child he was left on a doorstep and adopted by a Chinese family, which also explains his ability to speak Mandarin Chinese.

His adopted family bound his feet, unaware that the practice was traditionally restricted to young girl, and he lost a toe in the process.

He was in an iron lung when he was a child.

He is a serious kleptomaniac and regularly steals items from coworkers, loves peach cobbler, and has a deep desire to scuba.

Creed Wants a Pie

The Musician

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Move to Win (Official Music Video)
Unemployment Line (Official Music Video)

Creed and Producer Dave Way Tell Us About:
"Tell Me About It"

Creed Bratton Tells Us About Tell Me About It


Singer-songwriter and actor-comic Creed Bratton, currently best-known for the quirky former 60’s rock-star character he portrays on the NBC TV hit comedy series The Office, is back with a new album/audio-biography Tell Me About It. Creed Bratton along with his band The Rubbermen give us a behind the scenes look into Creed. Fans of Creed's character on The Office often wonder who Creed really is - what's his story? Well his new album Tell Me About It may give them an idea. It's a three-act "audio-biography" that tells his story through music. From LSD to unemployment lines and third acts, the Creed that sits behind his desk playing solitaire and eating mung beans has done a lot of "living for today."

“I approached my 6th solo album by writing with different writers I respected. So after The Rubbermen and I had started the album, Dave Way my producer said this is the story of your career. He said you should make this a concept album. He was right.....I hadn't even seen that side of it. So we went from there to approaching it that way. The 3 acts are like a play. It's a story that takes you along in a psychedelic way. ‘Tell Me About It’ .... a audio-biography indeed, says Bratton."



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